Adjustment Processing for Greencard (for spouse/child who is currently in the US)

If you are a US Citizen and your spouse and or child are in the US as a nonimmigrant visa status (Student, tourist, employment visa, etc) and you wish to marry and petition for them to stay and receive their greencard and work authorization, the One Step Adjustment process will help provide your family with the necessary documents to stay legally in the US while waiting for a final adjustment interview to receive their greencard. The timeframe varies from state to state as to how long before an interview can be scheduled with USCIS ( normally 12 -16 months from the date of application).

Currently our office can provide the assistance to you in completing the entire package for adjustment for a fee of $2,500 which is for the primary beneficiary (spouse) and that fee will include the office service fee and the required USCIS Application Fees for the Relative petition, Greencard Application, Fingerprint fees, Travel Document Application, and Work Authorization application. This fee is paid upon completion and submission of the documents to USCIS.

If there is a child who will also need to complete the application process, if that child is under 16 years of age, our fee is $2,000 which is inclusive as shown above. If the child is over 16, the fee will be $2,500 for the entire package.

The client will be responsible for completing and paying for the USCIS medical exam on their own. This will be needed before the package can be sent out. Each applicant regardless of age must have a Medical completed in order to apply for the adjustment to greencard status.

Please review the list of documents and detailed fee sheet to see what will be needed by both the US Citizen petitioner and the Immigrant Beneficiaries.


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