Fiance Petition (for fiance/child who is overseas)

This program is for only available to US Citizens who wish to petition for their fiance and children from overseas. You will need to have an engagement ceremony done with your fiance overseas and our office will handle the processing of the paperwork needed to bring them here to the United States to be married to you and complete the paperwork for them to get their greencard. Please note only children who are under 16 years of age MAY be allowed to travel along with your fiancé once the visa is approved. Any children older than 16 may have difficulty in getting their final greencard once they are in the United States. The time frame to complete the process varies on where you live.

In general, the time frame for a US Citizen to petition for his/her fiance to interview with the US Embassy overseas is 9-12 months. Currently our office can provide the assistance to you in completing the entire fiance package for including adjustment for a fee of $1,500 which is for the primary beneficiary (fiance) and that fee will include the office service fee and the required USCIS Application Fee for the Fiance petition.

This fee is paid in two parts: The Deposit in the amount of $1000 will be due when beginning the paperwork. This includes the USCIS Fee for the petition within the $1000. The final amount of $500 will be due when your fiancé is here in the US to complete the marriage process and also for our office to complete the adjustment documentation for the work authorization and greencard. (The USCIS Fees for the adjustment will be paid by the client.)

Please review the following list of required documents in order to begin the process.

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