Tourist Visa

Do you want your relative or friends to visit the United States for 3- 6 months as a tourist? Our office can assist you in completing all necessary documentation and procedures. Tourist invitations are not guaranteed as each case wil depend on the qualification of the applicant overseas to prove that he/she will return to their native country upon completion of their time touring the U.S.

Assets overeseas, family overseas, businesses and jobs that the applicant possess will greatly help in meeting the requirements set by the US Embassy/Consulates in approving the Tourist Visa (B1/B2 Visa).

Our office fee to complete the entire package is $400 per individual ( $600 for 2 packages). Each individual who wishes to apply is considered one file/package. Applicants wil be responsible for acquiring their own overseas passport and also any embassy/consulate fees in order to register the interview and visa issuance at the embassy/consulate.

Please call our office or download the list of necessary documents and information in order to start the process.

**Special Promotion: for a limited time, our office offers a money back guarantee for tourist packages. If you choose our service and pay the required fees for our service as shown above, and your relative does not pass the overseas interview, our service fee will be refunded to you in the amout of 50% of amount paid to our service, given that an original letter of denial is submitted to our offices when requestig the refund.**

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