Investment/Labor Program (EB3/5 and H1B)

All Labor Immigrant and Nonimmigrant cases will be consulted individually through our in-house immigration attorney.

Our NEW programs:

EB3 - Become citizen after 5 years - click here for more details

EB5 - Apply for greencard after 2 years, become citizen after 5 years - click here for more details

There are several options as to attaining your greencard through your employer or just applying for temporary visa status to work in the United States as an employee for a US Company.

Our Attorney has practiced exclusively immigration law for over 25 years and is licensed in all 50 states to practice immigration law. Your case and fee will be determined upon initial consultation of your particular situation and need.

Our attorney may be available to travel to your state for any court appearances as needed. Please organize all pertinent paperwork with regards to your case and we will set the appointment either in person or over the phone. Please call or email our office in order to set up the interview.

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